Agent-Based Models – Methodology and Philosophy

Computational Legal Studies. CLS aims to disseminate legal or law related studies that employ a computational or complex systems component. They hope this venue will serve as a coordinating device for those interested in using such techniques to consider the development of legal systems and/or implementation of more reasoned public policy.

ERCIM News – Reports on joint actions of the European Community in Information Technology (ERCIM) through short articles and news items.

The Object-Field Model – The  object-field blog focuses on the Object-Field model but  also promotes:  Agent-Based Computational Economics, GIS Modelling, Evolutionary Economics, Applied Statistics and Mathematics, Visualization and Theory of Decision Making.

SciTopics – Research summaries by experts

Electric Archaeology: Digital Media for Learning and Research – Agent based modeling, games, virtual worlds, and online education for archaeology and history

Meet the Blogger: Electric Archaeology’s Shawn Graham on Simulating Ancient Social Networks – an interview


DIME – Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe (DIME) is a network of of social scientists in Europe working on the economic and social consequences of increasing globalization and the rise of the knowledge economy.

The Eponymous Pickle – A Site Devoted to the Discovery and Application of Emerging Technologies.

Is the Dismal Science Even a Science? – Should economics forever be relegated to the realm of art, not science?

Rajiv Sethi – thoughts on economics, finance, crime and identity…

Renewable Energy – The aim of this project is to assist the city of Santa Fe in analyzing the costs and benefit of its plans to won and operate its own municipal power infrastructure.

The Tortoise’s Lens – Research and insights on policy, technology, modeling, economics, and other things.


GIS and Agent-Based Modelling – A blog focused around interests in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Agent-Based Modelling (ABM).

Social Sciences

Computational Legal Studies – disseminates legal or law related studies that employ a computational or complex systems component.

Raff’s World of Science – This blog is about Dr. Rafael “Raffy” Saldaña’s thoughts, activities, environment, the people around him, and agent-based modeling.

SIMSOC – This list is for announcements, news and discussion related to the use of computer simulation in the social sciences, including approaches based on micro-simulation and multi-agent modelling.

Simulating the social processes of science – A blog to report papers, events, research etc. concerning the computer simulation of the inter-scientist processes of science.

Tourism Simulation and Modeling – Peter Johnson‘s blog, who is post doctoral researcher in Geography at McGill University, located in Montreal, Canada. His research involves the development of an agent-based model that can be used for tourism planning. He is interested in planning support systems, computer simulation, the Geoweb, community based economic development, and tourism dynamics.