Here you will find an evolving list of researchers around the world who do agent-based modeling or related work. This list is intended as a resource for those interested in discovering people doing interesting research in ABM or related fields in different disciplines. Where ever possible, I try to link a picture of the person, which is directly linked to their website.

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F.J Miguel Quesada

F.J Miguel Quesada

F.J. Miguel Quesada’s research includes the sociology of consumption, social indicators in relation to the situation of women in contemporary society, and the analysis of school-to-work transitions. He mainly works in the domain of computational sociology––an applied branch of artificial intelligence that merges social science and computer simulation techniques to model complex policy issues and societal dynamics. He is Director of the Laboratory for Socio-Historical Dynamics Simulation (LSDS) and he is involved in several projects focusing on the use of agent-based social simulation for the modeling of social networks dynamics and evolution of social behavior.

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