MABS 2013
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Dates: 6-7 May 2013

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Workshop Website: Click here

Description: The workshop will consist of researchers from the Multiagent Systems community (MAS) of engineering and the social/economic/organizational sciences. This workshop is extensively recognized for its role in cross-fertilization and has been an important source of inspiration for the body of knowledge that has been produced in the area of MAS. Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS) is a vibrant inter-disciplinary area which brings together researchers within the agent-based social simulation community (ABSS) and MAS.

The focus of ABSS is on simulating and organization social behaviours in order to understand real social systems via the development and testing of new concepts. The focus of MAS is on the solution of hard engineering problems related to the construction, deployment and efficient operation of multiagent systems. The range of technical issues that MABS has dealt with, and continues to deal with, is quite diverse and extensive.


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  1. I would like to join in this website, please tell me how to register? Thanks!

  2. Email me with your website, a description of your research, and a photo (if you do not have a photo on your website.

  3. hi am onekea seeking a occupation in modeling.

  4. Contact me by email.

  5. dear sir/madam

    I am writing to ask about agent based modeling. i would like to know about the benefits of agent based modeling versus other methods. i have studied a lot but I have not convinced yet. I appreciate if you could help me in this problem.

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very interested in agent-based simulation. But I struggle with

    1. Resources avaialble is few. So far I only found few books but they take on different approaches.

    2. the definition say individual-based and multi-agent system, no clear definitions has been defined.

    Very confused, can someone help me out please?


  7. Shima,

    I’m interested in ABM in social science.

    We have established Amay institute of strategic studies for applied science.

    I would be grateful if you could email me (qasempouriATgmailDOTcom) for possible collaborations and research projects.

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